Run Run Rudolpha

guess my gender

by chelsea schuyler

Merry Holidays everyone!

just thought you should know in case you were worried about all that testosterone on your roof, what with Santa’s brigade of reindeer n’all, fear not!  Most likely, all those reindeer are chicks, as male caribou (reindeer = caribou) shed their antlers in november, while the chicks don’t shed until late spring.

Though not as large as the moose, caribou antlers are larger in relation to body size than any other deer.  Takes a lot to remake crazy huge antlers like that.  Growing at an inch a day, it’s the fastest growing tissue in the animal world!  Stuff ain’t just bone either, at first it’s covered in “velvet” which is filled with blood vessels and nerve endings.

Fun facts for your blog stocking.

Now, Dasha! now, Dancella! now, Prancera and Vixen! On, Cometica! on Cupidia! on, Dondine and Blitxena!



  1. I feel kinda silly. Was I ever supposed to know that Rudolph was a caribou? If I ever did pick that up, I have long sence dropped it.


    • Feel no shame! You were not supposed to know that Rudolph was a caribou, you were however supposed to associate him with a reindeer though, so if you didn’t get that far, i don’t know what to tell you. I think many don’t realize that reindeer are synonymous with caribou, which is part of the reason i wrote the blog in the first place. Shedding a little light in a world of caribou darkness. You have now witnessed one of the ever occasional scientific references!


      • Yup, I got the ‘Rudolph the red nose reindeer…” part, I’ve just always believed the hype that he was from Scandinavia, Russia, or the North Pole and not from well, pretty much everywhere as plain ol’ caribou. (pretty neat actually) Another childhood fantasy Dashed. Curse you and your occasional scientific references. What’s next, Easter bunny NOT laying eggs? On second thought, don’t answer that!


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