What Else Do I Do?

patreon | Chelsea Scrolls supportI do more stuff kinda like this! Only more professional (see my website). I’m hoping to eventually turn this blog into a sort of companion to high school text books, but that’s a work in progress.

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yellow scope blog by chelsea schuyler

A slime blog I wrote for Yellow Scope

This is my fun, no pressure website. My other stuff is:

  • Writing blogs/social media posts for awesome folks like Yellow Scope Science Kits for Girls
  • Making websites for small time folks
  • Writing nonfiction articles for various magazines


Websites I’ve Designed



Blind date coffee | Chelsea Schuyler design

Coffee supply website I made



Taketina website | Chelsea Schuyler designs

Taketina Meditation website I made



Chelsea Schuyler website

My own website that I made

Published Nonfiction Articles

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