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Chelsea Schuyler

Who is the humble genius behind this astounding literature?

chelsea schuyler
Me in South Africa, volunteering for Wildlife ACT

I am Chelsea Schuyler. A typical stream of thought of mine:

Behold science! Bizarre experiments, dinosaurs, Pac-Manesque mitochondria, poisonous produce…nature is amazing! But unfortunately, it’s often presented in a dry, boring, or jargon-heavy way, making it inaccessible to us normal folk.

I believe that laughter and enthusiasm are the best ways we learn.

I use pop culture, humor, and conversational language to talk about science.

I strive to make the marvels of science accessible to everyone. Inspiration from the natural world makes my day better, influences my decisions (Science for President!), and helps me to better understand this crazy universe and species that I’m a part of. Laughter is fun, reduces stress, and helps makes concepts more memorable.

Laughter + Enthusiasm + Science = The Chelsea Scrolls

A Dream to Help High School Students

One of my followers once commented: “This is awesome and make total sense. I am about to send it off to my son’s high school biology teacher.”

This inspired a dream I have to eventually work with high school science teachers to write companion blogs to their textbook content. I would love to help kids get interested in STEM fields, and to show them an example of a woman who loves and studies science (me!).

Ghosts (References) of Science Past and Present

My science credentials? I have a degree in biology from Lewis & Clark College in Oregon, I’ve worked at vets and wildlife sanctuaries (mostly in sub-Saharan Africa), taught 5th and 7th graders at a science camp north of New Orleans, but mostly I just read like crazy. Find me here too:


Now I am a content writer, online editor, and website developer by day. I’m paid to research and fact check science subjects online from reliable sources. Check out chelseaschuyler.com for more (if less sciencey) details!

chelsea schuyler site page
My professional website (that I designed).

Like these blogs? Want to support me writing them? You can become my patron at Patreon.

You can even just donate a dollar a blog! I love dollars. A journey of a 1000 steps started with…something about a dollar.

Anyway, perks include a personal image memed by me, a personal mini-blog on a question of your choice, or you can even request a blog topic. Check it out!

Or you can make a one time donation via Paypal, for which I would also be ridiculously grateful.



    • ROBIN!! Thanks buddy ole pal, I’m nothing if not great homework procrastination fodder. Join me again when you have a big paper due! Can’t wait (seriously, I love other people questions/ideas) for topic suggestions. Good luck in school!


    • Thanks for the tip! Best line: “fish out small bits of the ancient DNA from the dried powdery pulp hidden inside teeth taken from a Black Death cemetery” could more awesome elements be used in a single sentence?? I will think on this…


  1. Hey there! I wandered over here after you left a comment on my answer over at GreenAnswers (about saving endangered species) and noticed you’re from Portland, as well–I just wanted to wave hello! I was excited to see you’re blogging for Friends of Trees, too; I just started volunteering to do some writing for Hoyt Arboretum, so I’ve been looking at other local organizations to see what kind of articles and material they have out there. Anyway, just wanted to say hi from one Portlander to another and thanks for the nice comment 🙂



    • Hah! I didn’t know you were from Portland, how funny! I’ll have to check out your profile. Writing for the Hoyt Arboretum huh, I’m curious. I’ve been writing for Friends of Trees, how funny. Nice to hear from you!


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