Today’s Attenism

Why can we sit down and watch hours upon hours of nature documentaries narrated by David Attenborough?  Because of the awe-inspiring display of the wonders and curiosities of the natural world?  To calm our senses and take comfort in the knowledge that nature is surely going to win in the end whether we pulverize it or not?  To relax after stressful days to the screensaver-esque visuals and factoids we only have to remember for five minutes to feel impressed?  No!  Why to hear all the funny British things Sir David says that make us laugh and point to the British Isles.   Today’s Attenboroughism is “landslip.”

"bummer man. so, food?"

So, So, British.  Woops!  Bit of a slip there!  Better tidy up a moment.  ‘Landslip’ could only be created by a people terrified of their royal rulers.  “oh, nothing my Queen, just a little bit of a landslip in the Northern Country, nothing the people will even give a thought to.  Quail egg?” And don’t think Mr. A is just following a script like a drone, he writes this shit himself.

Whereas in America, we’ve made everything sound fun and extreme, purely to annoy our English heritage.   “Dude, landslide!”

Thank you for joining us for today’s Attenism, taken from Life in The Undergrowth, or, “the bug one” as it is sometimes referred to.  Excellent musical score on this ingenious 5 part series, but that, I suppose, is beside the point.  I’m just sayin.  If Attenisms weren’t enough of a draw for you…



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